What I Learned

Well, for this class I learned a lot of new things. I learned how to use different computer software for productive purposes rather than just playing around on these things and not having any idea what I am doing. I also learned that I can do a lot more things on the computer rather than just doing the simple Google search and checking of my email. This class was kind of challenging; it was difficult to follow along with the different assignments that were due. I am now understanding the importance of checking the syllabus and keeping up with assignments. Oh man is it a challenge to finish everything the week before school ends, but somehow I survived and am ready for the next semester of procrastination.


Technology Based Organizations

ISTE: International Society for Technology in Education


  • Free Resources
  • There are standards for students, parents, and teachers
  • Free to register
  • Provide ways to be an advocate


  • Persuasion of changing classroom set up
  • Must be a member in order for things to happen

OTA: Oklahoma Technology Association


  • Provides information on conferences
  • Allows members to provide topics
  • Awards for different positions


  • Cost a lot of money to be a member
  • Not very many things going on

Websites Every Teacher Should Know About

The Smithsonian Education


This website provides lesson plans for different subject matter. The website also lesson plans based on different state standards. Even with the different resources for teachers, there are also resources for students to use. Students can choose from which subject they would like to learn about and then choose from games that are provided under that subject.

Discovery Education


This website offers different subject matter for each grade to learn about. Teachers can join this website and find lesson plans, worksheets and learning adventures. With these resources, teachers can learn how to add new things to their classroom rather than the same things. This website also provides a section for parents and students. The student section includes help with homework and other programs that can help students.



This website offers a different section for anyone who has a student. Teachers can use this website to find ideas to use in the classroom, when book fairs are happening and lesson plans. For students, the section is broken into two different age groups. However, both of these age groups are similar in the way they are set up. Students can play games, have stories read to them and watch videos. There is also a section for parents, which includes activities, books, and some information on what someone should know about having children within a certain age range.

Bloom’s Taxonomy for iPads

Creating: This application can be used to create video presentations. The videos that can be created can include music, different video styles and a choice of pictures or videos that can be included in the presentation. Many different choices are provided within the app. This app can be used to create, design, construct, and invent videos. This allows the students to be involved in what is going on.



Applying: The poetry creator allows students to have a hands on involvement in making poetry and sharing it with friends. The app allows students to become DJs and arrange your own words in a way that flows. Students are applying their knowledge of poetry to a fun game. 



Remembering: iBook. This app allows student to read books from a tablet. The app also remembers where the reader left off. Not only can it remember where you left off, but it also allows you to take notes while reading. This app also can read to students. This help students remember how to have reading fluency.

Remembering: iBook. This app allows student to read books from a tablet. The app also remembers where the reader left off. Not only can it remember where you left off, but it also allows you to take notes while reading. This app also can read to students. This help students remember how to have reading fluency.



Understanding: Pages allows students to create their own writing based on the understanding of other concepts. In this app, students can create documents that shows their understanding of a certain concept. This also helps users summarize facts and ideas and retell things



Empirical Study

In the online journal Journal for Computing Teachers, an empirical study was done over the classroom management in Turkish  public middle schools. The study was done on 44 different videotaped ICT lessons, which are anything that includes any communication device or application encompassing radio, TV, cell phones, or computers. The analysis of this situation was very well done. It is difficult to manage online classrooms and make sure that every student is on task and participating. With the 44 different video classrooms that were recorded, the teacher only appeared once. It is difficult to have a successful class session when the teacher is not present or active in class. The seating arrangment also has to do with the behavior in classrooms. If students are seating where they will constantly be distracted or distracting others, then the ICT is pointless.

This journal gives different statistics that can help teachers change the way the classroom is set up. The analysis of the class also lets the teacher know what he or she can do to fix problems.

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