Websites Every Teacher Should Know About

The Smithsonian Education

This website provides lesson plans for different subject matter. The website also lesson plans based on different state standards. Even with the different resources for teachers, there are also resources for students to use. Students can choose from which subject they would like to learn about and then choose from games that are provided under that subject.

Discovery Education

This website offers different subject matter for each grade to learn about. Teachers can join this website and find lesson plans, worksheets and learning adventures. With these resources, teachers can learn how to add new things to their classroom rather than the same things. This website also provides a section for parents and students. The student section includes help with homework and other programs that can help students.


This website offers a different section for anyone who has a student. Teachers can use this website to find ideas to use in the classroom, when book fairs are happening and lesson plans. For students, the section is broken into two different age groups. However, both of these age groups are similar in the way they are set up. Students can play games, have stories read to them and watch videos. There is also a section for parents, which includes activities, books, and some information on what someone should know about having children within a certain age range.


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