Empirical Study

In the online journal Journal for Computing Teachers, an empirical study was done over the classroom management in Turkish  public middle schools. The study was done on 44 different videotaped ICT lessons, which are anything that includes any communication device or application encompassing radio, TV, cell phones, or computers. The analysis of this situation was very well done. It is difficult to manage online classrooms and make sure that every student is on task and participating. With the 44 different video classrooms that were recorded, the teacher only appeared once. It is difficult to have a successful class session when the teacher is not present or active in class. The seating arrangment also has to do with the behavior in classrooms. If students are seating where they will constantly be distracted or distracting others, then the ICT is pointless.

This journal gives different statistics that can help teachers change the way the classroom is set up. The analysis of the class also lets the teacher know what he or she can do to fix problems.


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